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The Tale of Lord Emordilap

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The Tale of Lord Emordilap

Post by Awe on Mon Aug 17, 2009 10:40 pm

Lord Emordilap was born as Prince Michael Brawster. His father was a world renowned king. But, also, his father's standards were very high. Michael tried his best to impress his father, but he could not. Michael became engraged, he could not believe no matter how hard he did, he could never impress his father. So one day, as his father was on the balcony, Michael came from behind and tackled him off the 12+-story roof. Michael didn't fall with his father. Michael then changed his name to Lord Emordilap, and he made it look like both him and his father were killed in a freak accident. Emordilap got a makeover, and completely gave up his old persona. He killed everyone who knew he was Michael, and got away with each and every murder. Now. he lurks the streets, looking for his next victim..

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