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MySims - Goth BoyxDJ Candy

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MySims - Goth BoyxDJ Candy

Post by Bluedizboy on Sat Aug 15, 2009 3:14 pm

"You see, we come from two different worlds... it'll never come to be. I thrive in darkness, her light. OH THE PAIN!
The agony of never knowing is clawing at my soul!"
Okay, honestly, I can't remember a moment where Goth Boy hasn't freaked me out. But then again, I'm the only one he'll open
up to. Frankly, I wasn't so happy that it was me at the moment.
"Ohhh, Sandrai... there is probably another... she'll never look upon me with the eyes of the soft woman's touch... OH THE
AGONY! I shall never be enough for her!" And with that, Gothie plunged into a fit of tears. I thought this guy was bad
before... you throw in love and he's a goner. Well, considering the fact that my boots were starting to get soggy from his
lake of tears, I pulled him up by the back of his shirt.
"I know this is hard, considering it's not like you, but why don't you just go to her?! There's gunna be a party at DJ
Candy's anyway! Dang if she won't be there!"
"It's not that simple."
"But you two fit together! You're... uh... a poet, and she's -"
"Fine, fine... I will admit... but I'm bringing my notebook so when the crushing sting of rejection befalls me, I can
write about it."
"Gothie, you're a freak."
"I know."

I walked in the door to Candy's, and turned around, and saw Gothie shaking.
"Dude. Just go talk to her. Say some of that freaky poetry." We got into a staring match until Candy spoke up.
"Alright ya'll! We got a special song for the boy in black!" Gothie turned his eyes to Vic and then the ground.
"Dude. Relax. She didn't say who it was from or WHICH guy in black!" I said, poking his shirt. He yanked away and gave
me a look.
"Sandrai, this was a fool's errand from the start. It's clear she is in love with Vic. Now let me go home and write!"
"No way!" I grabbed his arm and shoved him in her direction. He did a trademark sigh and headed up to the turntables.
DJ Candy saw him come up. "What's the deal, Gothie?"
"Candy... umm, DJ Candy, I have something to declare..."
"What? Make it quick! I have a party to feed!"
He threw himself down on one knee in the most dramatic way possible. "CANDY SUPERGROOVE, I LOVE YOU!"
The turntables scratched on their own and everyone stopped to look at the odd scene.
"Whaaaaaa?" She stuttered.
"Yes! YES! We would have BEAUTIFUL music together, my dear! My words, your music, the harmony of love! But alas, you
have chosen another, I wager, and even if you hadn't, there's no way a beautiful woman such as yourself would fall for a
lonely, artistic soul. I will leave you, my love, I shall never aggrivate you again." He got up and walked out the door,
"WAIT!" Candy called, snapping out of her state of shock. He peeked back in the door. "COME'ERE DADDYO!"
Gothie's jaw dropped a bit, but he walked up to her.
"Yer poems are pretty fly, even if they are freaky. You're an artist, like meh. I have no idea why you'd think - "
"SHUT UP!" Everyone yelled at me. I shrugged and continued to watch.
"We could never be, though... we are too different." Gothie said remorsefully.
"You ain't never heard of opposites attract, boy?" Candy put her hands on her hips and gave him a sly look.
"You mean... all this time... you had the feelings with the potential that would crush the very little light that we all
survive on known as the will to live for me?"
"Didn't quite understand that... but if it means I care about you you're dang right!" She embraced him tightly, and I had
to laugh at Gothie's look. Half of him looked as if he was enjoying it and wanted to hug back, the other half wishing he'd
melt into a puddle of dark water built upon dispair and hopelessness. Oh Lord, NOW I'M SOUNDING LIKE HIM!
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