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Before you vote~!

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Before you vote~!

Post by Cosmic on Sat Jun 27, 2009 9:40 am

Mods: Would do what they can to keep the forum "clean". ONE mod will have chatbox powers, they would basically continue what was being done before.

Jr. Mods: Will be assistants to mods, each Jr. Mod will take care of a certain secition on the forum [chatbox funnies, rpg's....etc.] to watch them over. This will be assigned by me. Jr. Mods will also assist new members and be the forum's welcoming commmittee.

Now, like I have said before and I'll say it again all complaints go to me in a PM. As for those who do not like where they will be placed this is now a "take it or leave it" situation. Meaning, if someone is choosen a Jr. Mod and wanted to be a Mod or choosen a Mod and wanted to be admin, You either take what u have brrn given or have no powers at all. Now in the even someone should be promoted [other then yourself] then PM me, otherwise be glad you have a spot.

As for me, I promise to improve as both a person and admin. I dedicate my time to you and making the forum a better place. I am going to try my best as making VMKC as much of a democracy as possible. But, I would appreciate the Mods, Jr. Mods, Tech, and even the other Admins to run things by me first. This way I keep informed and can to keep the forum both clean and happy! <3 I will update as much as I can
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