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Post by Ace_Archer on Sun Apr 26, 2009 5:02 pm

I had to do a math project where i had to write a story so i thought , why not write it about vmkc! so here it is! ( its kinda long 0.o):


Deep in VMKC behind the library is “Building 3D”, a mysterious building in which no one has ever entered. A group of VMKC friends stumble upon the building and soon realize they must use their mathematical skills to solve a puzzle that will save the city and help a special visitor.

“Watch where you’re driving this thing!” Diz yelled to Blue. “Relax”, said Blue, “I’m just trying to run over Light.” Diz growled. “Fine, I’ll only crash into him!”, Blue said with a slight change of heart. Diz gave him a death glare. “OK, OK,” shouted Blue, “I won’t do anything to him!” “Geeezzz”….

(In Light’s car…) “I want a MANGO BURRITO”, yelled Cosmic. “Can’t you just make a mango and a burrito just appear our of midair?” said Light. “Yes, but I can’t combine them like that! Besides at Tango Maco it’s buy a mango burrito, get one free!” complained Cosmic.

(In Polar’s car with a Jonas Brothers CD playing, Polar and Last are singing along to the songs)

(In Tie and Ace’s car…) “Where are we even going?” asked Tie. “We’re exploring VMKC. We haven’t explored all of it yet”, explained Ace. “Oh. What parts are we going to explore?” asked Tie. Ace told him they were going to the west side
Hey, what’s that building over there?” Tie shouts. (He points to a building with a sign that says “Building 3D”.) “AHHHH!” Ace cries. “It’s a 2D hobo!!!” The hobo approaches the friends and says, “Don’t go into dat building if you want to remain 3D still!!!” The friends drive off fast! (Meanwhile Light sees it too as he passes by in his car…) “That’s a scary hobo.” Light says
(The friends decide to meet at Building 3D, and everyone enters the building when they get there.) “Hi everybody!” says Paul McCartney (of the famous Beetles group). Cosmic and Islana drool and faint as they murmur, “Paul!!!!!!!!!!!”. All of the friends are shocked and excited to see the famous Paul McCartney. “Ohhh nooooo!” cries Paul. “Crazy, obsessed fans!” As he turns to run, he falls backward on to a platform and accidentally hits a switch that activates some type of ray beam. “What the…..” cries Paul. He gets zapped by the beam, and turns from 3D to 2D. “Senses are tingling! Noooooooo!!! Paul!!!” shouts Cosmic.

“Cosmic, do you have a Paul-turning-2D sense?” asks Light. “I have a sense for everything Paul McCartney does!” Cosmic whimpers. Last points to a strange hole in the wall that’s shaped like a parallelogram. “What’s that for?” he asks. Cosmic reads the sign next to the hole, “The label says ‘to reverse the 2D effect, find the 5 puzzles, solve them, and put the pieces you find into the hole to make it a 3D ray beam.’”

“Is this some kind of a math storybook we’re in, Ace?” says Light. “I thought you said we were in an adventure storybook!” “I said it was a MATH adventure storybook!” exclaimed Ace. “Noooooo! I thought VMKC was a place to get away from school and math!” cries Polar. “Yes, partially, but math is still a great subject to explore.” said Ace. “Oh, brother.” sighs Polar. “Okay, let’s get back to the REAL story.” Ace says.

Last runs over to a thing that looks like a computer on a stand. “Hey, this is the first puzzle.” he says. Suddenly the computer begins to speak….”I am Puzzle Computer 1 (or PC1). Would you like your first question out of 3?” “Umm…errr….yes?” mumbles Last. PC1 says, “Puzzle sequence activated. Displaying question 1: ‘I have 8 vertices, 6 faces, 12 edges, and all my faces are the same size. What am I?’” Last ponders the question. “Uhhh…(he counts on his fingers)…uhhhh, are you a cube?” he says. PC1 replies, “Yes. Question 2: What are two things cubes are used for?” Last thinks again and answers, “Uhhh…dice and ice cubes?” PC1 replies, “Correct! Please open the door under the monitor for your puzzle piece.” (A door clicks open.)

“You can put the piece in my backpack.” suggests Cosmic. “Where did you get a backpack?” inquires Light. “I found it in my car under my Beetles record albums.” replies Cosmic. “What’s a record album?” asks their friend Bit. “It’s a disk used to record and store some of the best music many years ago.” explains Cosmic. Bit takes one out of the backpack and tries to shove it into the computer. “How do you insert this thing into the computer?” he asks. “AARRGG!” shouts Cosmic. Light says, “Gee, what’s wrong…ahhh!” Light falls over something. Everyone laughs. Light just smiles weakly and notices it was a cord he tripped on.

Light says, “What does this cord belong to anyway?” He follows the cord and finds it leads to another puzzle computer. “Hello. I am Puzzle Computer 2 (PC2). To ensure that you are not skipping ahead, please tell me what geometric figure the last set of questions focused on.” Light says, “Last, what’s the answer to that question?” Light answers, “Cube.” PC2 replies, “Answer verified. Would you like the next set of questions?” “Uh, yes.” Light says.

PC2 goes on, “First question…’I have 8 edges, 5 vertices, and 5 faces. What am I?’” “Umm, a triangular prism?” asks Light. “Incorrect,” says PC2, “you have two more tries. Displaying question on screen.” Light tries again. “How about a pyramid then?” “Correct! Next question…’what country is famous for its pyramids?’” “Oh this one is easy! Egypt!” answers Light. “Correct!” says PC2 as it continues. “Final question…what is one thing that a pyramid or pyramid head can be used for?” Light thinks and says, “Uhh…err…A TENT STAKE!” As it plays back sound, PC2 says, “Which one are you classifying it as; a pyramid or a pyramid head?” Light answers again, “A pyramid head?” “Correct! Open the door under the monitor for puzzle piece.” says PC2. Light opens the door, gets the piece and puts it in Cosmic’s backpack.

Meanwhile, Polar says, “I’m tired. Watching everyone think so much is hard work.” As he leans against something…”Hello. I am Puzzle Computer 3. My senses indicate that you are applying three times the limit of pressure on my touch screen. Please relieve excess pressure.” “Whoa!” says Polar. “I don’t want any part of this math stuff!” PC3 begins to speak: “Auto start questions.” “Nooooooo!” shouts Polar. “Question 1…’I have no vertices, no edges and 7 faces. What am I?” concludes PC3. Polar, with a look of surprise, says “That’s easy! A sphere!” “Correct.” replies PC3. “And what are three things a sphere is used for in everyday life?” Polar answers, “A ball, kids’ cereal, and a gumball.”

PC3 states, “Correct. The final question…’Is a sphere a quadrilateral?” “No.” says Polar. “Correct. Please open the door under the monitor for the puzzle piece.” Polar opens the door, gets the piece and puts it in Cosmic’s backpack.

Elsewhere, Light begins chasing Blue, wanting to glomp him. “GET AWAY FREAK!” shouts Blue as he falls onto something. “Hello. I am Puzzle Computer 4. Activated, auto-starting questions. Five minutes, 34 seconds remaining to complete PC1, PC2, PC3, PC4 and PC5 puzzles. Question 1…’I have 2 faces, 1 verticy, and no edges. What am I?’” Blue scratches his head and says, “I knew I should have paid more attention in math class. I’d probably guess it’s a cone.?.” PC4 replies, “Correct. Question 2…’What are 2 things that are cones?” “Traffic cones and ice cream cones.” says Blue. PC 4 says, “Correct. Final question…ERROR! Question skipped. Unlocking door. Please remove puzzle piece.” Blue removes the piece and puts it in Cosmic’s backpack. “You’re welcome”, says PC4. “That was strange.” says Blue. Suddenly Ace’s voice is heard from PC4 . “This is Ace. I hacked the puzzle computer system. It was fairly simple since it uses Windows 98 and I can crack Vista in 5 minutes. Anyway, I’ve made it so you only need 2 questions to unlock the door. Now, would someone GET TO PC5 PRONTO!”

“I’ll do it,” shouts Cosmic. He locates terminal marked PC5. “Alpha hack! Protocal 72! Open and import file cheat sheet!” he says. “What are you doing? Alpha hack hasn’t even been tested, let alone the cheat sheet!” said Ace. “I know what I’m doing.” replied Cosmic. “Welcome to Paradox 3.” states PC5. “Please answer the following question…A cube is me, but I’m not a cube. What am I?” “A rectangular prism!” says Cosmic. PC5 replies, “Thank you. Please take the final puzzle piece and instructions.”

“It says 3, 4, 2, 1, 5. What’s that mean?” asks Cosmic. “Maybe it’s the order that we have to put the pieces into the hole. Like maybe piece one is from PC1 and so on!” yells Diz. Everyone rushes over to put the pieces in order. The ray machine suddenly says, “Please push on the parallelogram to switch to 3D ray. Two kids come in and throw a rock at the parallelogram and it gets pushed. The kids run out. The ray machine switches from 2D to 3D ray. “Quick. Get the hobo and Paul onto the platform!” says Cosmic.

Polar comes in with the two and puts them onto the platform. “NOW!” shouts Ace. Tie pushes the button, and Paul and the hobo go back to normal as their 3D selves. Paul and the hobo lie there asleep.

cosmic secretly cuts off a lock of hair on Paul’s head and stuffs it into her pocket. She has a smile on his face. Everyone gets back into their cars. “That was weird!” says Cosmic. “I’m never coming back here again!” They all drive away

A short time later, Paul and the hobo wake up. “Hey, what happened to my hair?” Paul cries. “It’s shorter in one spot!!! Oh, no, my beautiful hair!” The hobo says, “OMG! You’re Paul McCartney!” as he faints.



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