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The Favorite Dude Competition

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The Favorite Dude Competition

Post by Dizzy on Tue Jan 06, 2009 6:55 pm

Okay, I thought this up.

All the dudes will be in this ^_^

All guys Will be featured in a Three-guy poll. Meaning, a few polls will open up to house all of the guys. Once the three days have ended, the person with the last votes will be elimatened. Then this keeps going until we have one guy from each poll group, and then they will face off, and everyone votes. The guy with the most votes id the most favorite guy of the forums [for a month XD]

1. Everyone can vote, but guys CANNOT vote for themselves.
2. You can vote in every poll single poll opened.
3. Don't accept any bribes or murder threats Razz

Have fun in the FDC!


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